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Exciting new IT opportunities for Pinoys *

* “Each of these diplomas usually costs around $10,000 to complete, so those who complete both Level 5 and 6 are getting $20,000 worth of education for free!”

Beekeeping: Challenges and rewards for migrant workers

OPINION: By Roger Celso Baldo There are a number of challenges that migrant beekeepers encounter in New Zealand, but thankfully they are offset by the many...

Lawyer reacts to immigration office closures

OPINION: By Aaron Martin Photo credit: Photo taken at a recent Migrant Rally in Auckland by Aisha Ronquillo, Photojournalist, Filipino News NZ. Immigration New Zealand’s actions signal that kindness isn’t for everyone Immigration lawyer Aaron Martin reacts...

Plight of overseas students in lockdown

By Queenie Lee P. Tanjay ROTORUA - Coming here to New Zealand, the last thing students envision for themselves is to be seated in between the discomforts brought about by a country lockdown. After the Level...

INZ’s Accredited Employer Visa reform is disingenuous at best – and damaging at worst

Opinion Aaron Martin, Immigration Lawyer at New Zealand Immigration Law Photo copyright: Pitchaya Pingpithayakul How will even more compliance make accreditation simpler for employers? More importantly, how will pricing skilled migrants out of the job market help...

‘Begging for money and food’ – mother of infant describes lockdown

By Gill Bonnett, RNZ Reporter Photo of Migrant Action Trust manager Amie Maga by Aisha Ronquillo (Filipino News) Migrants are selling their belongings, begging for money...

Pinoy actor the face of non-emergency number – 105

Video: Courtesy of Radio New Zealand Leand Macadaan (pictured below) is a popular Filipino-Kiwi actor who has appeared in a string of successful TV commercials in New Zealand. At the moment has a key...

The migrant journey that never ends

Dirk romualdez By Bernadette Basagre The journey to a migrant’s dream is always uncertain and filled with obstacles, despite all this, Dirk Romualdez is wanting to help other migrants reach their goals and aspirations. In the depths...

2021 Resident Visa Category – Are you ready? And what you need to know.

OPINION: Zamelia McGarrigle, General Manager & Licensed Immigration Adviser, QDI Group Email: zamelia@qdigroup.co.nz, Phone: 09-3907957 It may appear as if Christmas has come early for some...

Be vigilant about surge in burglaries

With Christmas and New Year fast approaching, Police would like to remind the ethnic communities to be vigilant about burglaries this festival season. Here is an interesting video because it was taken from an...
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