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10 days sick leave on the cards

The Government is delivering on a key commitment by introducing a Bill to Parliament to expand sick leave entitlements from five days to ten days a year, says Workplace Relations and Safety...

Election 2020 post-mortem

A closer look at the most diverse Parliament in New Zealand’s history By Louie Encabo, Political Editor Illustration: Jason Aragon The upcoming 53rd Parliament is being hailed as the most diverse in New Zealand’s history. A record number...

Hopes pinned on Labour’s manifesto leading to significant immigration changes

By Gill Bonnett, RNZ Reporter Photo: RNZ /Dom Thomas Migrant groups are looking ahead to what changes the new Labour government will make to border and visa rules.

The migrant journey that never ends

Dirk romualdez By Bernadette Basagre The journey to a migrant’s dream is always uncertain and filled with obstacles, despite all this, Dirk Romualdez is wanting to help other migrants reach their goals and aspirations. In the depths...

As more Filipino-Kiwis voice concerns, will their voter turnout surge?

ELEKSYON Check out our ELECTION CHANNEL: www.pinoynz.live By Queenie Lee Tanjay On 17th October New Zealand permanent residents and citizens will exercise their...

Difference between driving in NZ and PH

SETTLING IN is a series of video bites produced by Migrant News : www.migrantnews for newcomers to New Zealand. Photo credit: Aisha Ronquillo, Photo Journalist with Filipino News NZ...

Visa changes short-sighted and will detriment employers and migrants

Opinion piece: Aaron Martin Immigration Lawyer NZIL Significant changes to immigration rules around work visas have recently been announced by Immigration New Zealand and the New Zealand Government. These changes have supposedly been set up to...

Queenstown residents ‘exhausted, afraid and losing hope’

Queenstown social services are calling for government support, saying they're buckling under mounting pressure. More than 200 people continue to use the Civil Defence welfare system each day with thousands accessing support over the last...

Filipino perspective on Black Lives Matter

www.pinoynz.live Video News. Views. Streaming. Podcasts.   Jesil Cajes in Wellington discuses Black Lives Matter. Photo credit: Aisha Ronquillo, taken at the Black Lives Matter Rally in Auckland  

Don’t leave us with no hope, Filipino migrants plead

Don't leave us with no hope, Filipino migrants plead By Tess Brunton, Otago/Southland reporter Photo: Courtesy of booking.com The Queenstown Association of Migrant Pinoys says more than 500 Filipino migrants have sought welfare support in the resort...
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