Happy Valentine’s Day Kabayan (I’m Home – poem)


I ‘ M   H O M E

By Celso Baldo

When i’m alone
You come and join me
When I’m lost in the dark
You come and walk with me
You act as my light, my guide

When I said something bad
You did not argue with me
You said let us sit down and have a talk
I wasn’t agitated, we even cracked a joke

When I noticed too many people around
You said they are my friends and families
I’m now confused, I better call my mother
I don’t know them and I can’t remember
Let alone why are you here in my room?

When I’m up and about and ready to go out
You said okay but you did already the job
I wish i could do it but i am scared
You said dont worry you can do it better
But next time, ill do it my self “cheeky little bugger”

You offered me cup of tea, I said “oh yes.”
I walk away to wander but you followed me
We walk and talk by then the tea is cold
You showed my room its time to be alone
I said thank you, I’m finally home

##poetry in the apiary##
Haring Pukyutan
Waipa, Cambridge, NZ