Pinoys Star in new Anti-Bullying Video


Pinoys stars:

Dad – David Correos, Older Girl – Joey Felicity Salonga

Keep It Real Online is a New Zealand Government campaign to support parents and caregivers to keep their children safe online.

Every year, one in five young Kiwis are bullied online.

Get help & advice at

Talk to your children

The internet is a great place to connect with family and friends, learn, play games and watch videos and TV programmes. But it can also have downsides for our tamariki, rangatahi and young people.

They may be exposed to pornography and other inappropriate content, bullied and ‘groomed’ by sexual predators without even realising it.

Figure out what they already know

Let them know you will support them no matter what

Talk about who they can reach out to if they need help

Talk about ways to report or remove harmful content.