Louis Bretana : ‘Blessed Art Thou’ show

‘Blessed Art Thou’


‘Spain used Catholicism as a major colonial tool, subjugating native Filipinos into the pious obedience of a European god; syncretising or eradicating the indigenous culture and its ‘un-Christian’ beliefs and practices.

‘Monotheism justified righteous oppression and supremacist ideology that we still see today.

‘By sharing the blessings of ancient Philippine deities, this exhibition hopes to break down religious territoriality and demonstrates that many faiths can coexist in harmony and goodwill.’ – Louis Bretana.

Mel Fernandez spoke with Filipino-Kiwi artist Louis Bretana on the opening day of the ‘Blessed Art Thou’ exhibition (view podcast at: www.filipinonews.nz)

“I want us Filipinos to be able to look at our culture in the wake of colonial influences to see our culture and creativity in its purest form to be able to inspire pride before the Spaniards and changed the way we live and the way we look at things,” said Bretana.

“That’s what I am trying to look at and see whether what this exhibition has done is to remove what I felt was a Spanish Catholicism of the Philippines to look at our culture and crativey and  the beauty that it was originally before any other culture came in.”

This is third exhibition of Bretana which has been featured in Filipino News. The previous features were on ‘Sari Manok’ and ‘Eat my rice’ which can be read online at: www.filipinonews.nz

Now showing at Gallery 4, Studio One, 1 Ponsonby Road, Auckland from 16 Jan – 13 Feb 2020.

Louis Bretana has been nominated for the ‘Filipino-Kiwi Hero Award’ for artistic endeavours in 2020 (www.filipinoheroes.nz).

VIEW THE PODCAST @ https://www.filipinonews.nz/featured/louis-bretana-exhibition/