Movie: Imelda Marcos up close and personal

This year’s Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival will include movie screenings taking place at selected cinemas nationwide and also via online streaming for home-viewing.

From 24th July to 3rd August, 79 feature films and seven collections of short films from 41 countries will be available to view, and among the excellent selection there are several highly-anticipated releases.

The Kingmaker
From award-winning director Lauren Greenfield (The Queen of Versailles, Generation Wealth) comes an intimate look at the “boastful, unrepentant nature” of Imelda Marcos, former first lady of the Philippines.

This staggering documentary illuminates a treacherous personality set on rewriting history after she and her dictator husband Ferdinand Marcos embezzled massive wealth, while running the country’s economy and human rights into the ground, then fled Manila in the 80s.

Described as “jaw-dropping” and a juicy insider look at a corrupt world leader, The Kingmaker is a must-see.