How Pinoy healthcare workers can upskill and get pay increase

Filipino healthcare workers can upskill and get a pay increase, with free Healthcare studies

Filipino healthcare workers in New Zealand are eligible to take Level 4 Certificate in Health and Wellbeing Studies (Advanced Care). Getting this degree will give healthcare workers a pay increase (as stipulated by the Care and Support Workers Pay Equity Settlement, where “the new pay scale was brought in, 55,000 care and support workers have received pay rises of between 15 and 50%.

Workers on the minimum wage of $15.75 per hour moved to at least $19 per hour – a 21% rise. For people working 30 hours or more a week, this adds at least $100 to their weekly earnings or an additional $5,000 a year.” (Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health)

Filipino workers who have New Zealand citizenship or residency take these tertiary studies in aged care for free – as the studies fees are paid for, in total, by the New Zealand Government’s Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund for New Zealand citizens and New Zealand residents. But Filipino healthcare workers who are here on a study or work visa are also eligible to take the studies for an affordable price with payment options available.

Asprie2 Education is one provider who are offering the Level 4 Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Advanced Care). They have a long history and good reputation with teaching migrants and helping them to succeed. They even have Filipinos in key management positions who understand our culture and our needs.

Aspire2 Education in Durham Street Tauranga on Pink Shirt Day 2021

Start studies, find better jobs, get paid more, and have more work-life balance … in Tauranga

Tauranga is New Zealand’s Fifth largest city, and it is New Zealand’s fastest growing city also. Many Filipinos have made the move from larger cities to Tauranga to have a better life… with success.

Mount Manganui Beach in Tauranga

Healthcare Hub with Job Opportunities.
Traditionally, Tauranga has been a popular retirement spot. With this, Tauranga has a thriving healthcare industry with a lot of career opportunities

Source: Sanderson Group
Tauranga has many upmarket to luxury retirement centres looking for the best staff.

More affordable.
House prices and rents are cheaper in Tauranga than they are in cities like Auckland and Christchurch. Additionally, because it’s a smaller city, costs like petrol also decrease – leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
A coastal suburb of Tauranga, 10 minutes from the city centre.

Better work-life balance
Tauranga is a coastal city, where the city planners have taken a lot of effort to provide outdoor facilities for its people (like bicycle pathways, public parks and gardens, and safe beaches). Filipinos in particular find the city and its beachy lifestyle very enjoyable, and not too dissimilar to the Philippines. Being a smaller city – there is less traffic and it takes less time to get to places.

Filipino friendship group enjoying a picnic at one of Tauranga’s many parks

Rediscover life’s simple pleasures
The Bay of Plenty is a region renouned for its production of fresh fruit, golden beaches, pleasant sub-tropical forests, and active outdoor lifestyle. Having more money and less time commuting to places reduces stress and helps people to enjoy life more. This is especially good for Filipinos as family time is very important in our culture. Filipinos who move here connect better with local Kiwis, enjoy family time more, and have more time to reconnect with lifes simple pleasures like going to Church or visiting farmers markets.

If you are interested in upgrading your career, and upgrading your life – talk to Aspire2 Education in Tauranga about their Level 4 Certificate in Health & Wellbeing (Advanced Care). You can submit an inquiry, or call them on 09 555 54000, or email them at

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